August 26, 2017

I have been talking about getting back into writing for a while now. I always journaled as a kid, and I typed “blog posts” all through college and early “adulting” that I never posted. I went back and forth on if I wanted to try to use this blog again, but I decided on giving it another try.So, here I am, back to writing and making my grand entrance into the blogosphere. Please be nice for the first few posts. After that, my pride can take it and it’s open season.

August 26, 2017 was one of the craziest days I have ever experienced. One that had many ups and downs to say the least. I have to go back a little further with the back story to get into that, so please stay with me…

I got engaged to the man of my dreams, Andrew, on February 25, 2017. After two and a half years of dating, I was ready to be married, so we did a quick(ish) engagement and set our date for August 26, 2017 (our dating anniversary)…

Seems like a harmless day, right? Well, I guess I forgot to mention that we live in Houston, Texas. One of the largest cities in the country… that got hit by Hurricane Harvey on the exact weekend of my wedding.  We had tried to stick with our original plan as much as we could (5:00 PM wedding with a reception immediately following), but as the event got closer, so did Harvey.

At 7:00 A.M. on August 26, Andrew and I made the very difficult decision to move our wedding up to 12:30 P.M. This decision meant that we had to start calling  of our vendors and guests to inform them of the change and give them options. While I was sitting in hair and makeup, my bridesmaids took millions of pictures, helped me write Facebook posts about our new wedding plans, and tried to make me feel as normal as possible as I prepared to marry Andrew.

By the grace of God, all of our vendors (florist, minister, photographer and DJ) were able to make it before 12:30, and we got the wedding ceremony off without a hitch. We ended up posting our ceremony on Facebook Live for those who were not able to travel due to the weather. Of the 105 who had RSVPed yes, we still had about 50 people in attendance.

Overall, our ceremony was everything I had dreamed of. We were surrounded by family and  friends, and the whole thing was very intimate and beautiful. I may not have had the big wedding and reception I was originally planning for, but that’s what January 13, 2018 is for!

Thanks for reading this far, and be on the lookout for the post on all of our honeymoon adventures!

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