Andrew and I officially put an offer in on [potential] our second house.  After C was born, we realized just how small our 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath townhome really was. We have loved our little space in the city, but we are ready to start a new chapter in a more family-friendly area. 

The housing market in the Houston suburbs is insane. And that is a freaking understatement. On average, houses in the suburbs are selling in less than a week. The current pattern goes as follows:

  1. List the house on Thursday night
  2. Refuse individual showings, but host an open house on Saturday and Sunday
  3. Ask for all best and final offers before midnight on Sunday
  4. Wait to hear if you made the cut for the first round of counter offers.
  5. Repeat

As you can imagine, it is an extremely frustrating and exhausting process. Andrew and I have been watching the market for about a year, and this is how it has been since COVID hit the US. It is forcing the Wagners to focus on the forth fruit of the spirit, patience. 

In the instantaneous world we live in, waiting is not something we are familiar with. If anything, it is a huge annoyance. Everything comes standard with two-day shipping, and having to wait more than 2 minutes for something on the internet to load results in a call to your internet provider to request an upgrade in speed. 

We have lost the beauty of waiting. We are so focused on what is next, that we are blind to the present. I am realizing I am guilty of that in this. I am so focused and stressed about finding out if we will get this new house that I am forgetting to enjoy our current house. 

I had forgotten about all the memories our little family has had there. We came home from out delayed wedding reception to this house. We found out we were going to be parents here. We brought our sweet girl home to this house. We watched her learn how to crawl here. We witnesses Alabama lose and win a national title (after an undefeated season). We have hosted great friends for dinner, happy hours, and wine nights. 

With a new beginning, there also comes a beautiful ending. As excited as I am for this new chapter with my family, I am going to spend a few moments to soak up our last moments in our current home. 

But now a new type of patience begins. Since I began writing this post, we found out that we were not selected for the house. We put in a pretty appealing offer, but at the end of the day, it wasn’t meant to be. 

It’s easy to get frustrated and question if you are making the right choices when life starts to take a turn in the ‘not so desirable” direction. But, just as you need to appreciate living in the now, you also need to learn to wait for God’s timing and not your own. He has a plan for your life, and you have to trust that things will happen when they are meant to. I have always been a firm believer in this, but it isn’t always as easy to practice what you preach. 

One of my main goals for 2021 is to practice what I preach. I am going to try to trust the Lord’s timing for my life, and not to let the things I cannot control upset me. It is okay to be disappointed in the timing of things in your life, but you also have to trust that good comes from the waiting. You have to be patient. 

“I wait for the LORD, my whole being waits, and in his word I put my hope.” Psalm 130:5 

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