\\My Testimony

I have been trying to figure out how to share my walk with the Lord on the internet. This is a topic that has always been hard for me to share. I feel like I want that part of my life to be private, but I also want to share how great having a relationship with Christ can be. I recently had to write my faith story for my church. Now that I have it on paper, I decided it was time to share it with the world…

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I grew up in the Methodist church, and I came to know the Lord at a youth conference in Panama City, FL called Big Stuf in 2005 (think high school version of the Pasion Conference). During one of the nightly worship sessions, I stood during the closing prayer to dedicate my life to Christ and was saved. I became very involved with my church at this point — I was a member of a small group, youth group, and multiple church choirs. In 2008, my dad got transferred to Houston, and my family found another church that I fell perfectly into. I joined the youth praise band and found a youth group that I felt at home with. My relationship with the Lord was growing, and everything in my life seemed to be on track until I got to college.

When I went off to my freshman year of college in Alabama, I could not find a place that I wanted to call my church home. I tried a few different churches and denominations throughout my college career, but I eventually just gave up. When I stopped attending church, my desire to keep a relationship with the Lord started to dwindle as well. I started spending more time reading fashion magazines and going out with my girlfriends than I did diving into God’s Word. By the time I graduated, I only prayed when I went to church with my family on Christmas or Easter.

Following my college graduation and return to Houston in 2014, my brother was very persistent about me getting back into the church. He was an active member at my current church and wanted me to give it a try. I was hesitant to get back into the church, especially with Second. As an outsider, a church this big can look intimidating. I had already felt so rejected and defeated in my last church search, and I was not looking forward to doing that again. After weeks of pestering from him, I finally agreed to attend an intramural softball game with the Single Adult Ministry. I met some amazing people that night (including my future husband) and I decided to keep going to this church, but mainly for the social aspect.

I was just starting to dip my toes into my faith again when my father was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease at age 58. With no history of the disease in my family, we were all shocked to learn of the terminal diagnosis. I was devastated, and I leaned on my new community from my new church during this time. Through those relationships, I was able to find ways to redirect my anger and grief and come back to my relationship with the Lord. It was through the hardest days that I could feel the tug on my heart to come back to Him.

Through one of the darkest seasons of my life, the Lord was so unbelievably good to me. He brought me to my wonderful husband to navigate the hardships with. He put us in situations that tested our relationship, but showed us how to get to the light at the end of the tunnel together. He blessed us with our beautiful daughter, who has taught me more about myself than I would have ever known. When my father passed away in July 2020, I felt at peace. I was so sad that he was no longer with me on Earth, but I know that he is in heaven, celebrating all of his memories and knowledge being restored.

Our God is so good.

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